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2019 Monkstown members in the Open tournaments

XD1 runner-up Noelle O'Callaghan

XD2 winners Jeremy Forde and Carla James
XD4 winner Bronwyn Russell

Rushbrooke South of Ireland
MD3 runners-up Stephen Clarke and Rory O'Hanlon

WD1 winner Noelle O'Callaghan
XD1 runner-up Martin Sulir

XD2 winner Donal Neary
MD5 winners Cathal Collins and Robert Coughlan

XD2 winners Richard Bywater and Carla James
MD6 runners-up Brendan O'Connell and Killian O'Mullane

MD4 winner Cormac Collins

XD2 runner-up Louise O'Sullivan

MD4 winner Cormac Collins
XD6 winners Tony Moynihan and Annabel Cooney
MD6 runner-up Tony Moynihan

Sundays Well
MD1 runner-up Martin Sulir

Rushbrooke Championships of Cork
XD3 winner Susan O'Donovan

MS5 runner-up Kieran McGarry
WD6 winners Ann Collins and Laura Hanrahan

XD2 winners Jeremy Forde and Carla James

MD2 runner-up Richard Bywater

XD3 runners-up Mark Healy and Fionnuala O'Driscoll

MD4 runners-up Cathal and Cormac Collins

XD4 runners-up Jonathan McCarthy and Claire Murphy
MD5 winners Pat Healy and Tony Moynihan
XD5 winners Tony Moynihan and Hilary McNeice

XD5 runner-up Ronan Meagher
MD6 winners Aidan Carroll and Alan Murphy
WD6 winners Ann Collins and Brid McEvoy

St. Michael's
XD2 winners Jeremy Forde and Kasha Malysz
LD2 runner-up Louise O'Sullivan

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