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Court Booking Rules

1. Only members may book courts and only for the booking periods allocated in the eBookingOnline booking system. Booking periods are 75 minutes in duration.

2. Members can book courts up to 5 days in advance from 20:00 nightly. For example, booking for any time on Thursday becomes available at 20:00 on the preceding Sunday.

3. Court peak times are 18:00 to 21:45 Monday to Thursday.

4. A member may make one peak time booking per day and two peak time bookings in any 5 day period. An off-peak booking may be made for the same day. Consecutive bookings are not allowed.

5. Members may play in two booking periods at peak time on any day, but each period must be a different match.

6. Courts may be booked for Juniors (U-16) up to and including 16:45 (no juniors on courts/practice wall after 18:00).

7. A booking is valid only if it includes the names of the person booking and at least one other player, but members should name all four players participating in doubles matches where possible. The Member whose ID was used for booking a Court must be present on the Court that they booked.

8. If members do not start play within 10 minutes of the booked time, the booking is forfeited.

9. A member may invite a visitor/guest to play. Visitors may be invited a maximum of 2 times in a month. The visitor and the member inviting must sign in the Visitor Book in the clubhouse and pay a fee of €5 for an adult or €3 for a junior. Please put the fee in the Treasurer Box on the clubhouse wall. Visitors/guests must be booked under the name "Guest".

10. The Club Committee has the discretion to cancel any booking if the Court is needed for Club purposes.

11. As a courtesy to other members, a member must cancel their booking if they are not in a position to use the Court. Members are encouraged to cancel as early as possible to give the opportunity for other Members to use the Court.

12. Appropriate tennis attire must be worn while playing.

13. Tokens for floodlighting are available on club night and or by contacting designated committee members as listed below. Cost: €4 each (2 required to cover 1hr 15m slot).

14. Private coaching should not be booked during busy playing times. Please use the top court for coaching where possible.

15. The Club Committee will review these rules on a regular basis. Any changes will be communicated to the membership.

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